Dancers in Relationships.. yeah right!


a common thought

A couple of days ago, throughout a casual conversation with a friend, she threw a random statement that caught my attention: “I thought that dancing may bring people together in such a way that I would find the Salsa community full of couples (lovebirds), but looking around makes me realize that in fact, they are few. Moreover, a significant number of Salseras are rather single!”

Let’s have a closer look at the world of Salsa v/s dating:

1. Two salsa dancers dating

 It’s a match made in heaven! Or not?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that sharing what we love to do with people we love is the best way to spend quality time together. Taking salsa classes together, practicing together, laughing out mistakes, attending salsa nights together, dancing our hearts out and gazing into our significant other’s smile throughout the dance, sharing sensual moments through sensual dances, attending salsa congresses around the world together and a loads more may make the relationship between two dancers seem like an ideal kind of relationship. In fact, luckily enough many couples have actually built on such healthy relationships and planned their future together and are happily married.

Sounded like a Disney movie yea?  Let’s take a look at the biggest challenge salsa couples may face:


Probably the biggest problem that may ignite fights between couples regardless of whether they are dancers or not. Well, taking a moment to think about it, is it actually caused by having the chance to dance with several other partners as well, or is it an insecurity at the personal level and mistrust in our bf/gf that may lead to such a feeling thus problems within the relationship?

2. A non-dancer falling for a Salsera/Salsero

Dancers are God’s messengers to Earth! Or not even close?

I bet that regardless of whether you like dancing or not, you will at a certain point in your life be amazed by a dancer. Dancing boosts confidence; confidence is sexy and appealing. Nevertheless, dancers maintain a good physical look as well as a great body posture, the way they walk is pretty charming and most probably have glamour highlighting their fashion style. It is worth mentioning that they spread positive energy wherever they go and the biggest curve on their bodies is their smile, and that is definitely contagious and will easily trap hearts.

Now here’s the challenge: a Salsa dancer will definitely choose dancing the night out over you specifically at the beginning of the relationship :p. Don’t be offended, but there’s a kind of a mysterious attachment between the dancer you want to date and dancing. You’ll find yourself asking questions like so it’s either I go dancing with you or I wouldn’t have the chance to go on a date with you?

The truth is, although you are making it sound a bit confusing, it’s not that complicated. Dancing is a lifestyle. Different people enjoy different hobbies and have different lifestyles. Believe it or not, no you don’t have to go dancing with your partner in life if you don’t enjoy dancing. Yet, whether it’s dancing or any other kind of hobby they got, you would love to share them what they love to do and vice-versa once in a while right? And yea, they are normal human beings who will definitely share different activities with you as well.

Bottom line is, no one is asked to change their entire lifestyle in order to be living with someone they like. We get into relationships with people who accept us the way we are and make us feel like home around them. How cute would it be if we share interests! Yet how cuter would it really be if we are so different yet admire our differences!!

Wrap up

To wrap it up, being a salsa dancer and being single are not correlated in any way. But if you got your eyes on a Salsera (or Salsero) be ready for a life full adventures and make space on your calendar for salsa congresses around the world! Because one thing’s for sure: once a Salsa dancer, always a salsa dancer!

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