Edwin Rivera’s Inspirational Talk


Edwin's Inspiration

Edwin Rivera speaking to Bailemos team about his mentor, the biggest salsa promoter in the world, Sir Albert Torres, who has played an inspirational role not only in Edwin’s life but also in the lives of a huge number of salsa dancers.

We also asked Edwin to send a message to dance lovers, his words are touching, yet what triggered emotions at the very deepest levels of our hearts is how he reflects through his actions that he grows wealthy through what he gives to people! Knowing that kids are invited for free to attend the Children Teen Salsa Congress which he hosts in Puerto Rico sounded something like out of this world. What even gave us goosebumps was knowing about one of Edwin’s plans to raise funds to rebuild damaged dance schools in Puerto Rico.

Bailemos Team Thoughts

Dancing for the purpose of having fun and enjoying ourselves is one thing, and dancing for the purpose of changing lives and leaving a legacy that would live forever is another. People might find themselves stuck in a loop of thinking about how to manage to become artists and make enough money so that they may quit their boring jobs and pursue dancing as their career because it is what they love to do the most. Well, how about taking a moment to think about it differently? How about finding a cause to dance for? How about dancing because we can leave footprints wherever we step and thus we guide more people to follow our path?

More About Edwin

Edwin is originally from Bronx, New York and had moved to L.A. where he had the opportunity to bring his dreams to reality and succeeded to become one of the most influential Latin dancers, choreographer, instructor, and musicians of our generation.

Edwin is a producer at the World Latin Dance Cup and the Los Angeles Salsa Festival, a music producer and a DJ running his very own record label “Rivera Rhythm Records” and the artistic director of several salsa festivals including Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress, New York International Salsa Congress, Salsa Hotline Japan and Texas Salsa Congress.

Edwin believes that the youth and young generations hold the future of dance and music. He finds passion in motivating those young dancers and influencing them to continue striving for their dreams. Edwin hosts the only youth Salsa Congress in the world: Children Teen Salsa Congress that takes place in Puerto Rico.

Where to meet Edwin in 2018

Texas Salsa Congress 14th Edition
San Fransisco Salsa Festival
Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress
Calgary Canda Salsa Festival
Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Festival
Conchita Music Festival
Los Angeles Salsa Festival
Saskatoon Canada Salsa Festival
International Chile Salsa Congress
Columbia Salsa Festival
Puerto Rico Kids Salsa Festival
Argentina Festival
Salsa Week Romania
Equador Salsa Congress
New York International Salsa Congress
Peru Salsa Congress
Maui Salsa Bachata Congress
Aventura Dance Cruise
Japan Salsa Congress
Aventura Dance Cruise Miami
Cape Town Salsa Festival
World Latin Dance Cup Holland

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