On Your Feet


Guys, how many times have you tripped from doing a double turn, just to impress your partner? Girls, how many times have you almost fell after a triple turn, and blamed it on bad lead? At least once, right? We all have moves that look great in our minds, but turn out hard to achieve in reality. Well, what if we gave you the key to resolve those problems? A principle to all dance styles. That is balance. Balance is a vital component for great dancing. It is great for posture and movement.

Having great balance will make your dancing seem effortless, and puts your mind at ease. Instead of worrying on not to wobble, your body and mind will be focusing merely on enjoying the dance and the flow.

There are a lot of ways that help in achieving great balance. Here are a few:


  • Perfect Your Timing Learning the basics is very important. As you learn the timings, you will be able to execute your moves in time with the beat. In that way, you won’t be overdoing steps, which lead to fast and imbalanced movement.





  • Don’t Lock Your Knees Locked knees aren’t flexible for you to move freely. With slightly bent knees, you bring your center of gravity closer to the ground. In that way you’ll be able to react well to unexpected moves, and keep yourself grounded.




  • Spotting Spotting is very important; since it helps you keep a strong hold. If you don’t spot, you won’t know where your end point will be, thus you will wobble. Besides, spotting makes your move look sharp, and who doesn’t like that!




  • Perfect Your Posture Stand with your back straight and slightly arched. Roll your shoulders back and down. Engage your core.





  • & Strengthen Your Core Of course your legs muscles help maintain balance, but a strong core also plays a key role in finding your stability. With a perfect posture, your center of balance would be strong, thus leading to better footwork and spins. So get those abs workouts done 😉




  • Tell yourself you can do it. Negative thoughts only attract negativity. So keep those positive vibes flowing. Give orders to your mind that you will do it, and let the mind make your body move.





Here are some exercises to strengthen your balance, coordination, and muscles:


  1. Stand on the ball of one foot and stay there. See how long you can balance on one foot, and then switch to the other!
  2. Stand barefoot on both your feet. Roll up to the balls of your feet and find your balance there. Did it work? Great! Now close your eyes and keep that balance…!
  3. Sit on a chair and try standing up and sitting down on only one leg. It’s fun!
  4. Squats are not only good for getting a great booty, but also for balance. Who knew! But here’s the twist… Squat with your heels OFF the floor. Yep, get those legs burnin’!
  5. Plank! We all hate it, but damn it’s beneficial! Plank is great for strengthening your core, as well as your balance. And you can play around with it: Full plank, plank leg lifts, plank twists, plank with opposing leg and arm lifts…

Go on and try these tips, and see how your balance will improve in just a short period of time. Challenge yourself and see how far you’ll go. It doesn’t matter where you start from, but make that starting point just the beginning. If you can hold the plank for 20 seconds the first time, push yourself to hold it for 30 seconds the next time, and so on… Who knows, someday you might be able to break the Guinness record for longest plank hold.


Keep balancing, keep on dancing.

See you on the dancefloor with clean spins, and fun moves!

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