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Hey Folks!

It’s the season for actually accomplishing ‘New Years’ resolutions for real. I mean, usually, on every NYE, I plan upon a list of things that I enjoy doing, and end up around the end of March of every year realizing that the only excuse that holds the progress back is “not having enough time”.

Well, not this time! Now that we are all in lockdown due to the Coronavirus crisis, apparently 2020 has given us the chance to actually read those books, stick to the fitness routine plan, learn a language and -my favorite- dance more!
Dancers, being amazing creative creatures, have gone above and beyond ways to practice and share their passion with the international dance community.

This article will guide you through steps you can do at home to learn and practice dancing. Hence, here are ways in which dancing has become more accessible to everyone.

Tik-Tok while in Lock

The world-famous social networking app, mainly used to create short-dance videos, lip-sync and other talent videos is probably most dancers’ favorite baby during this period. I mean it’s like a spotlight- Check, Music- Check, cam- Check, 3-2-1 action and check my moves – game to every talented dancer out there.

To make it even more enthusiastic, those Tik-Tok “Challenges” create amazing hype among dancers thus connecting them all together on a virtual worldwide dance floor. The “challenges” concept is also flooding the Instagram feed with thousands of videos on a daily basis.

Action Plan:

Have you done a Tik-Tok challenge yet?

Well, I challenge you to go ahead and choose your favorite choreographer’s challenge, learn some new steps, and don’t forget to upload your video – once you kill it – and tag your friends to keep the chain going! Have Fun!

Insta Live Sessions

Personally, I believe that the best way the app feature has been utilized so far happened to be for the purpose of sharing tutorial sessions online with diversified audiences from all over the world. Throughout the day, dancers and professional instructors from every continent are going live to teach whatever they do best. Amazingly enough, only now have we realized that we have the tools to be taking classes with our favorite instructors. The learning process became much more universal. Sharing experiences is easily accessible. Nevertheless, attracting new joiners is much easier as it becomes irresistible for live sessions’ attendees not to keep it up.

Action Plan:  Ok, I know it is much cuter to be in person around your role model dancer, yet the learning outcome is probably the same! So, no need to go through your archived videos of dance tutorials as new dance tutorials are just a click away. Enjoy!

P.S. don’t just watch, move your ass off the couch and practice it :p

Subscribe to Online Classes

Luckily enough, following the success of live tutorials given for free through Instagram, professional dancers launched their online classes using apps like Zoom, for example, to have their students enroll and resume their dance education. Happily, international students may subscribe also this way. It would definitely be smart to keep online classes going on the post-Corona crisis. It would give dancers more growth opportunities. Moreover, an international pool of talented dancers with upgraded skills would be created and linked together.

Action Plan: You know what to do, catch-up with your local dance academy’s online classes as your instructors can provide proper guidance, plus add a couple of the best international artists’ classes to your weekly schedule to pump it!

How exciting would it be to subscribe to several classes from different local academies?


As the lockdown time range seems to be extended, a call for festival organizers and dancers:
How about organizing virtual bootcamps and festivals?


Follow official pages of dance schools and dance artists/instructors to stay tuned in for announcements related to classes.
Also, some amazing bloggers are sharing and spreading dance activities news.

Locally in Lebanon, @bedanspiration is doing great in that aspect. Check their stories for upcoming live sessions. For videos of the best dancers, follow @ladanzalatina. Don’t forget to tag them and tag @bailemosourway on your own dance posts. We are here to keep you all connected.

Finally, dancing always finds ways to bring people together.

Stay home, stay safe.

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