T.J.I. – Episode 01

Nameless Dance Academy


It is not easy to write an article about an academy which has stories that speak for themselves already carved in history. What new to tell about an academy which is a representation of where the stories of many others had begun. What conclusions to draw upon reflecting on achievements which have been, at the beginning, visualizations of goals to be and thus reasons enough that lead to the creation of arenas where dancers may find space to compete and stretch to their maximum potential.

It is named The Nameless Dance Academy and the name of its founder not only gave it an identity highlighted by success, but also took a major role in creating dance history and a vision for the future of the Lebanese dance community.

About Nameless

An academy where you can find all kinds of dance styles yet is distinctively known for its students’ achievements in the world of Dancesport. Passion, challenging oneself, eagerness to learn and develop, mastering the art of teaching, setting goals and working hard to reach them and most importantly enjoying every single dance are key drivers of success that Bailemos team saw sparkling in the eyes of the members interviewed at the Nameless Dance Academy.


It is worth mentioning that Mr. Dib’s pioneer idea that contributed to giving the dance world in Lebanon a whole new dimension was giving group classes at affordable prices to everybody. That’s how it all started: giving people a chance to dance! At a time when dancing was available only to a niche class of the Lebanese society.

About The Instructors

Check out the following sections taken from the history of Nameless Dance Academy:

“1995-1996: Worked with the ministry of education to put together a certified dance curriculum for students and teachers in Lebanon”

“2016:  Licensed a legal TS program for all dance teachers all over Lebanon by the Ministry of Education Decret loi n” 3030”

Certificates to teachers are provided in Contemporary, Latin and Ballroom, Oriental and Ballet dance styles.

This section of the article is Bailemos team’s favorite for it tackles the importance of education in all aspects of life including arts. Education is actually an indispensable factor when it comes to arts because arts are the interpretation of cultures.

In short, learning how to become a dancer requires having a dance instructor to tutor you, and learning how to become an instructor requires an academy, a licensed academy that may certify you to teach others.

We salute Mr. Pierre Dib for having such a license and thus giving a chance for dance teaching in Lebanon to be officially treated as a professional career.

Bailemos team will be looking forward to the development of curriculums and certificates related to Salsa, hip hop and other kinds of dances.

About The Federation

In the year 2000, Mr. Pierre Dib established the Lebanese DanceSport Federation and was the first president until the year 2003. To him, the federation is like his baby and one of his best achievements. Today, it has grown to include many dance clubs and organized many championships.

Let’s give a moment of thought of how proud each Lebanese dancer would be if one of our champions would win the title of champion having earned the chance to take part in International championships.


Perhaps we have written too much for you to read, or perhaps it is too little compared to what we learned throughout our visits to Nameless. To inspire us, Mr. Pierre Dib shared with us his philosophy and gave us a piece of advice to enjoy life: Be Authentic.

In an attempt to inspire you guys to believe in the Lebanese dancing community, we will be visiting more academies and sharing it all with the world.

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